In Pursuit of Fine Jades: Ming Court Belt Plaques

In Pursuit of Fine Jades: Ming Court Belt Plaques is a collection of jade belt plaques ranging from 1368 to 1644 of Ming dynasty. This book features the best craftsmanship, high quality and rare pieces of white jade with the special illustration and  observation of the collector.  This unique edition demonstrates the different motifs such as the dragon, fish, rabbit, a foreigner with lion, the Shou (Chinese character) and ‘the children at play’ as the characteristics of the Ming belt plaques.  This collection is not only for the jade lovers but also for those who would like to appreciate and explore more of the Chinese antiquity.


Author: Michael S. L. Liu

Size: 24 cm x 30.7 cm (248 pp with color illustrations and description)

Language: Both Chinese and English

Hard cover in perfect binding, Hong Kong 2018.

ISBN 9789888272150.[Limited Edition].

1st edition,2018

Published in C A Design, Hong Kong, 2018