FranzArt Art from the Hedda and Lutz Franz Collection, Volume Five, Japanese Lacquer

This is the fifth volume of FranzArt.  Unlike the previous four collections, this book is very unique as it is about Lacquer.  Lacquer techniques are complex and varied.  The word Lacquer denotes several kinds of varnishes and coatings, but this book is about the non-resinous sap of the urushi tree or Japanese sumac. Indeed, colors are mineral which may be premixed in the sap or sprinkled onto sticky lacquer. Designs may be painted straight onto the surface, or transferred from a piece of paper by one of several means.  Designs may be painted, carved, embedded or encrusted, and many materials are used: metals, mother-of-pearl, ceramics, and shell.  Many techniques involve embedding various materials in the lacquer and then rubbing the surface down to reveal a design.

11.25 x 14.375", 174 pp., 369pcs fully illustrated in color, hardcover, Hong Kong, 2018

109fine snuff bottles, 4 watercolours and 1 calligraphy

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