Seeing Zen: Zenga from the Kaeru-Au Collection

This book presents 127 of the best Zen artworks(Zenga) from over 560 pieces covering the entire spectrum of the genre, both chronology and thematically. the renowned collection was assembled by Dr. Felix Hess, a scientist and sound artist who researched frog choruses in Australia, later naming his collection Kaeru-An (Frog Hut), in Honor of his original teachers.”The singing frogs”he writes, “ taught me just to sit still in silence and listen.”
Each artwork selected for Seeing Zee is presented on a full page in full color, with accompany Japanese text from the artwork, English translation, and a contemplative commentary.

8.5"x12", 344pp., 159Full colour image. Hard cover.

ISBN 978-1-891640-97-1

Kaeru-An, 2019.