Elegance and Radiance: Grandeur in Qing Glass, The Andrew K. F. Lee Collection

Art Museum, Chinese University of Hong Kong

10 x 13", 384 pp., 200 color plates, text in English and Chinese, cloth, d.j., Hong Kong, 2000.

This catalogue has been written to coincide with an exhibition entitled ELEGANCE AND RADIANCE : Grandeur in Qing Glass - The Andrew K. F. Lee Collection. A total of 148 items dating from the beginning of the Qing Dynasty in the mid 17th century to the turn of the 19th / 20th century has been selected for the exhibition, with examples produced in the glasshouse at the Palace Workshops as well as provincial centres. The collection is classified in the three main sections, namely early pieces, monochromes and multi-coloured pieces, and the decorative techniques include wheel-cutting, carving, diamond engraving, grinding, etching and gilding. As to forms, there are dishes, bowls, cups, bottles, vases, jars, scholar’s desk items, decorative pieces and personal ornaments. It is worth to note that the greater part of the items carry imperial marks ranging from the Kangxi to Xuantong reigns, thereby providing reliable criteria for dating the pieces to their respective reign periods.