The Peacock's Feather: Gentlemen's Jewelry of Old Japan

Author: Kurstin, Joseph & Lorin, Gilles

9.25 x 12", 132 pp., 112 color plates, Miami, 2006.

Drawing from numerous individual collections, this catalog was published to coincide with the exhibition of netsuke, inro and sagemono at the Morikami Museum in conjunction with the 2007 International Netuske Society Convention. The pieces displayed here are among the finest examples in private hands and certainly rival those of the world’s major museum collections.

Included are over 50 netsuke, 39 inro with netsuke, and nearly 20 other sagemono. Each piece is given a brief description with insights into the artists and subject matter. This catalog provides a rare opportunity to see some of these incredible works of art never seen or seldom shown before.