Chinese Works of Art

Authors: François and Gilles Lorin, Salvador Trabanino

8.5 x 11", 112 pp., 118 select items, fully illustrated in color, hardcover, Winter Park, 2009

Design and Production: C A Design

This catalogue featuring a good variety of Chinese Works of Art is divided into six sections. The first part encompasses nephrite and jadeite objects carved in Chinese taste, mostly from the Qing dynasty, with a few pieces dating to the Ming and earlier. The second section gathers scholar’s items and a few decorative pieces. An entire section has been reserved for a small group of very good snuff bottles acquired since the publication of the last catalogue, A Fascination for Miniatures: The Linda F. Crawley Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles, in September 2008. We have also included a group of fine wood furniture including two exceptional screens, one made of the precious zitan qood, and the other of carved cinnabar lacquer. The ceramics section groups both Ming and Qing dynasty porcelain and pottery from the Song dynasty. The statuary includes wood, stone, and earthenware from the Han to early Qing dynasty. The final section is of archaeological nature, with a group of metalwork, all purchased from American collections, and a small, but fine selection of small archaic jade.