Classical and Vernacular Chinese Furniture in the Living Environment

8.5 x 11.75”, 188 pp., illustrated in colour, text in English and Chinese, Hong Kong, 1998

Design and Production: C A Design

In this book Kai Yin Lo has assembled a series of essays focusing on Chinese hardwood furniture in a concerted attempt to probe and examine their links and pattern to arrive at a new level of awareness of the living environment. Every piece in Kai-Yin Lo’s collection has been selected with care. Her well-known sense of proportion and design, interest in line and form, have been called in to play. Scholarly concerns have also determined her choice, and some pieces are unique or of extreme rarity.This book features essays by Curties Evarts, “From Sumptuous Palaces to Courtyard Dwellings”, Puay-peng Ho, “The Dialectic of The Living Environment”, John Kwang-Ming Ang, “Further Studies of Furniture in Alternative Woods – Reflections on Aspects of Chinese Culture”, Chen Zengbi, “Vernacular Dwellings and Furniture in Northern China”, Wang Qijun, “Nucleus of The Chinese Home”.

The book consists of over 50 colour plates of 37 exhibits that are housed in the Asian Civilizations Museum in Singapore and around the world.