This Snuff Bottle Monkey Business – the Mullin Collection and Its Story

Authors: Hugh Moss and Stuart Sargent

11.75 x 10”, 436 pp., 1,012 colour plates, illustrated in colour, cloth bound, hardcover, USA, 2012

Design and Production: C A Design

This book is very much unlike any other snuff bottles catalogues currently available on the market. It describes the collecting journey of Russell B. Mullin whose interest was passionate and whose research and study were endless. This book is about the collection he started and the hobby he loved with such a true passion. It features important primary documents such as letters between early collectors, letters that illustrate the keen interest they had in learning and discovering the “how” and “why.”

The exceptional design presents R. Mullin’s story and his collection in a coherent and innovative way. It is a beautifully printed book that will surely become a classic amongst snuff bottle collectors.