About CA Design
The Best Art Publication Expert to Serve You
C A Design is internationally renowned for the design and production of exquisitely printed art publications for collectors, museums, galleries and auction houses. We are one of the few specialists in this area where we are recognized to be the "Best of the Best". Being unanimously favored and complimented by our clients all over the world as a service team with passion, dedication and professionalism, we realized our company milestones as we received many design and printing awards over the years from international competitions.

C A Book Publishing
Major Highlights Of What We Offer: We Deliver The Best Quality & We Promote Your Books!

We give every support to our clients to promote and sell their publications. Commemorating our 30th anniversary, we are pleased to announce the formation of the C A Book Publishing this Christmas!! Books featured in our Book Publishing are all designed and printed by us. Several publications have just won the prestigious Gold Ink Awards 2011

The C A Book Publishing website is launched to showcase our publications available for online ordering.

Place your order online and your books will be delivered to you. We accept PayPal, or cheque(you may mail it to us), for qutate shipping and book price you can contact us by email.

The Art Publication Specialist that Cares
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